AI: Your Unlikely Companion

As a part of Qualcomm’s initiative to promote its on-device Artificial Intelligence capabilities, I was tasked to author a series of high-level blog posts that show how AI can be your ideal companion.

AI: Your Unlikely Travel Companion

For the first of the series, I wove in AI-powered technologies ā€” a few based on Qualcomm’s products ā€” into a hypothetical scenario: The reader is headed to Seoul, Korea on a solo business trip.

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AI: Your supportive wellness companion

For the second, I framed the story around the reader prioritizing body and mind wellness after emerging from the winter months. The piece explored the different ways AI technologies could help the reader stay on track, whether it be by taking time to meditate during the day or developing a personalized fitness plan.

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AI: Your new work companion

For the last of the series, I set the scene at an automotive factory of the near future. From the moment the reader heads into “work” to the autonomous robotic arms that can spot defective parts on the production line, AI is there to improve productivity.

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