The Hungry DC

Done in collaboration with NPR’s DC radio station WAMU 88.5, The Hungry DC is a multimedia journalism project I was a part of as a student of the “Writing and Editing for Convergent Media” class at American University. The project shed light on what it’s like to be “food insecure” in the nation’s capital, focusing on a variety of untold stories.

As a reporter, I covered the challenges of feeding food insecure students once school is over, whether it’s because of a snow day, summer vacation, or the end of a school day. I interviewed Lavette Sims, the director of distributions for Capital Area Food Bank, on the Weekend Bag; Bob Bloomer, the regional director of Chartwells/Thompson Hospitality, on the importance of school meals during the school year and the summer.

As Deputy Photo Editor, I photographed gardeners at Wangari Gardens, a community garden located in a food desert, and the elderly who are dependent on Meals on Wheels.